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The Project and the Team


The highest European mountain consecrated in the largest giga panorama ever made at 3500 meters: this is our experience into the white of the Mont Blanc.


A sunny bright day on the snowy peaks of Mont Blanc: 3500 metres height, minus 10 Celsius degrees, one hour walk on the glaciers for two weeks shooting to get over a thousand pictures.


High resolution Canon camera, Clauss technology, firm believe and passion: those are the main ingredients for the in2white project.


Making the in2white experience: follow us behind the scenes of this incredible high definition project and learn the technological secrets that made it possible.

The Concept

How to celebrate Her Majesty the Mont Blanc?
We just wished to represent it as it shows to our eyes : major beauty, astonishing magnitude, pure elation.

We were brave, crazy and ambitious enough to think about a gigapanoramic picture, to seize every single detail of the mountain.
We are Filippo and Alessandra, passionate of mountain, beauty and photography: here's our concept, our tribute to the Mont Blanc.

But we were not alone in this challenge: we built a Team of dreamers and passionates from all over the World, that shared with enthusiasm our same vision and embraced our project.

Best partners, best technology, best result: the highest high definition panoramic picture ever taken now is available for you.
Enjoy it and be part of our dream!

The Team

Filippo Blengini

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Filippo is a civil engineer that spent the last 5 years working as construction supervisor on the renewal of Mont Blanc ropeway.

His strong dedication for the Mont Blanc mountain melt with his passion for photography and technology into the in2White concept: this gigapanoramic picture is his personal tribute to one of the most astonishing beauties on Earth.

He represents the in2White project itself: idea, shooting, postproduction, website creation and maintenance – Filippo is the man behind this great picture, offering access to this majestic panorama to anyone of us all over the world.

Alessandra Bacchilega

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Alessandra is graduated in International Relations and Diplomacy and she works as International Flow Logistic Manager in a Multinational Manufacturing Company.

Her passion for Beauty and Photography built the basis for in2White project: the will to dedicate a special tribute to a majestic place melt with love for pristine nature and silence.

Together with Filippo, she’s the ideator of the in2White project and took care of project management and external relations.

Guido Bethaz

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Guido is working in the ropeway and mountain engineering world since 1996 and he’s the branch manager of Dimensione Ingenierie.

He appraised in2White Team with his great passion for photography and deep experience on the mountains.

He shared with Filippo the peak where the picture has been shot and he supported actively the full shooting phase.

Matteo La Torre

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Matteo La Torre has been working for Canon Italy for 15 years and he has always been involved in training activities. Today, he is the actual Canon Academy manager.

Canon Academy is the Canon official facility for photos, videos, printing end user trainings and offers basic and advanced courses and workshops. The trainings’ mission is to promote photographic culture and knowledge about Canon products and solutions.

"At Canon Academy we are in daily contact with amateurs and professional photographers who follow our technical and experiential courses. What distinguishes us is the challenging, adventurous and professional atmosphere and the enthusiasm with which we approach our project. Anyone using photos, videos or printing for communicating, either for passion or for professional reasons, will find our facility useful.”

Roland Clauss

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Roland Clauss studied computer science, artificial intelligence and computer graphics at the University of Technology Chemnitz, Germany and graduated in 2008.

Since more than 15 years he works on several projects and products in the field of image acquisition, image segmentation, recognition and classification, pattern matching, artificial neuronal networks and the processing and enhancement of 3D point-cloud data.









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